When We Come Out of the Water

When We Come Out of the Water (2022) describes a social-practice participatory work addressing the climate emergency, environmental racism and the ecologies of Black people, historical and present in Scotland and beyond. Constructed as an ‘organic memorial’ using funeral flora and the built structures on Portobello Promenade, the ephemeral installation gave witness to the fatal encounter of Black bodies with bodies of water in the wake of colonial and imperialist violence.

Installation view: Art Walk Porty | Edinburgh, Scotland.

Curators: Natasha Thembiso Ruwona and Rosy Naylor.

Art handler: Wacera Kamonji.

With many thanks to award-winning theatre practitioner, writer and poet, Koleka Putuma, for usage permission for her poem, “Water” (2016).


Organic chalk paint, flower arrangements, model candles. Installation dimensions variable.

Photographs by Jon Davey.