Things I Have Forgotten Before

“Gambura’s stellar debut is a negotiation of silence and speech in the face of trauma – a trauma that is at once personal and national, individual and collective, impersonal and familial. She uses conversations, headlines, and family trees bearing surreal metaphors and stark imagery to paint an elusive portrait of Zimbabwe’s difficulties, South Africa’s xenophobia, and Scotland’s impersonality.” 

– Tariro Ndoro, author of Agringada: Like a Gringa , Like a Foreigner 

“Tanatsei’s use of the familial, the ancestral, and the fantastical treats language with utmost care and consideration here, inviting us into their world that is mesmerizingly unique yet cleverly overflows with universal potential.”

– Pages Matam, Callaloo Fellow, Writerz & Scribez Griot’s Well fellow, DC Arts & Humanities Fellow, author of The Heart of a Comet (Write Bloody, 2014), and 2014 National Poetry Slam Champion.

This debut pamphlet of poetry (Bad Betty Press, 2021): a coming of age story – part memoir, part experiment. This is a story about self, woman, nation, and parentage. The manuscript was awarded the runner-up prize to the Inaugural Amsterdam Open Book Prize (2020) and an honourable mention by Red Line Art Works.


Publication Date: 14 May 2021.