Nzira Yeparuware / A Path Upon a Rock

PRESS RELEASE: Sounds of Zimbabwe come to Edinburgh Castle


Nzira Yeparuware is a soundwalk for Edinburgh Castle exploring colonial imprints in Harare and Edinburgh. Merging field recordings from Scottish-named streets in Harare with improvised music and spoken word, it immerses visitors in a reflective soundscape, prompting contemplation on colonial legacies, identity, and the intertwining of geographies through acoustic ecologies.


In the late 19th century, British colonisers, spearheaded by Cecil John Rhodes, took territorial control of present-day Zimbabwe, stamping their mark on the landscape, society, and culture. Interestingly, many of these settlers and explorers were Scots, bringing with them their homeland’s language, culture, and memory. Fast forward to the present, and Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, houses numerous streets and suburbs with names strikingly similar to Scottish places. These names symbolise a silent yet deeply resonant connection between the two nations. As these names serve as urgent reminders of past imperial ambitions, it becomes essential to reflect and understand their implications today.



Images courtesy of Lateral North.