Dreaming While Black

Dreaming While Black is the name of a film festival program I’m curating for Femspectives – Glasgow Feminist Film Festival.

This program consists of a week-long screening of selected films, accompanied by a discussion-based event encouraging a participatory rather than passive viewing experience. It is diverse, subversive, experimental, imaginative, and historical in nature. It speaks to critical issues about the Black experience, pivoting around the notion that the future can only be dreamt into existence.

Through it, I look forward to exploring the modes, frameworks, and possibilities of literal and figurative dreaming while Black with the questions: how do geopolitics influence different experiences of Blackness? Where and how is Blackness gendered? Can Blackness imagine communal spaces that transcend the violence produced by Western epistemologies? Should Blackness collaborate with, or resist institutions? What is the role of technology and new media in harnessing, erasing, fostering and dividing the collective Black experience?

The full festival programme is available: here.