Chameleon proposes a multi-channel conceptual moving-image artwork exploring the intersection of photography, performance art, and video art. Challenging the distinction between the viewer and the viewed, five different characters pose for a photograph. Inspired by the work of Samuel Fosso, Sin Wai Kin, and Genevieve Gaignard, Chameleon explores studio portraiture as a performative form that blurs the lines between still and moving imagery.


The work examines the relationship between art, the body, and digital technologies using living portraits while exploring how identities are constructed and communicated in different social, historical, and political contexts. The act of looking entitles the viewer to assert their power over the subject by reducing them to an object of observation. In light of this, Chameleon begs the question, how does the image look back?


View portraits here. 

Portrait subject: Chia Perpetua