The 25 May Movement

The 25 May Movement is a creative collective that seeks to promote social change and sustainable development through culture and heritage. It is my attempt to imagine a means of organising is non-conformist and community-based.

Through programming, capacity building and community-led initiatives, the organisation is tackling the United Nations’ sustainable development goals through a theory of change model that puts cultural practice and creative expression at the core.

The premise of the movement is simple: all communities around the world have, imbedded in their ways of life, the creative tools to navigate daily existence. The functions and value of these cannot be overstated; they are a participation in ‘togetherness’, a means by which knowledge can be communicated between generations and a repository of our collective experiences. They govern the decisions of individuals and of groups and inform the choices we make. They are the very essence of our lives and as such, can and must be employed to create and establish a culture of tolerance, unity and ethical behaviour.

In 2016, the movement was simply a group of girls who banded together behind a camera to proclaim a pan-African stance. Today, our vision is to build a vibrant, dynamic and sustainable creative sector that contributes to development in Africa. I never imagined that we would spearhead the impact we have achieved to date. I am both proud and overwhelmed by our progress, and I look forward to what the rest of this journey brings forth. With gratitude and hope, I look towards the future of the 25 May Movement.

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Founding date

25 May 2016

Project location

Harare, Zimbabwe