Things I Have Forgotten Before

Debut Pamphlet, Bad Betty Press

This Separated Isle

A photobook of stories and portraits exploring concepts of identity in modern Britain

by Paul Sng


artist book project drawing on the historical links between paper milling in Edinburgh, cotton and linen production, and colonial trade between Scotland and the ‘New World.’

Photograph of a Black Girl on a Straße in Bonn

Poetry London, Issue 98

We Are Not Shadows Anthology

Folkways Press

The Working Class Anthology, Language

૧૦:૧૦ Press

The Black Anthology, Language

૧૦:૧૦ Press

Harmonia Rosales' Black Female Universe

Project Myopia

Divisions, Stories of Inequality, Poverty and Struggle

the London Reader, Spring Issue

“The Formation of Self”, “When Expecting”.

New Coin Journal of South African Poetry

June Issue

Africanization and Americanization Anthology

Volume One, Africa vs. North America

Searching for Inter-racial, Interstitial, Inter-sectional, and Interstates meeting spaces

Edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka

“Subjects As Critical As Breathing``

Prufrock Journal, Issue 14 Flowers

“Excuses”, “Looking For God”

Odd Magazine

We Are Africans

African Leadership Academy Decennial Anniversary Publication


Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) BUWA! Journal


POVO Afrika

Issue 8 Women’s Journal: “Woman”

“Sari”, “To Those Who Storms are Fond of”.

POVO Issue 9 Main Issue

Fresh Ink: anthology

Edited by Joseph Mahiya

“We do not discuss politics at the dining table 

in case we accidentally stab it with our forks, 

lift it to our open mouths

and swallow.

Furtively, we push it to the edge of our plates,

hoping that it might fall off and be cleaned away after the meal.

We scrub our plates with barbed wire

from the fence before we go to bed,

slitting our hands in the process,

draining our blood in the sink.

These hunger strikes are not safety.

They are a shovel in a graveyard.

When citizenship becomes an act of self-sacrifice or 

the tragedy of the choiceless, 

something has gone terribly wrong.

Silence is suicidal. Objection is a death wish.

Somewhere between the two is a place where my country lives.”


– Subjects as Critical as Breathing

originally published in Prufrock Journal

Issue 14, Flowers