Artist’s Statement of Work

if you will not suffer for resistance, you will suffer for conformity.

As a black woman born and raised in a ‘developing nation’ and living in a ‘developed nation’, great geographical (and other) shifts have determined my outlook on the world. I respond to my environment critically and sensitively because the politics of my identity warrants this. I am acutely aware of the ways in which layers including race, class, income, and gender position my lived experience against its antithesis. In each case, the consequences of a white supremacist, patriarchal, and capitalist world order are violent and agitating.

I refer to the utopia I envision as my counter-universe. It is a galaxy that is Afrocentric, femme, and free. It is a creation of the black imagination, the pursuit of a paradigm that is radically different, decolonial and human. In my universe, the values of community and transformative social justice are at the core. In a world that is systematically designed to disempower and erase the pleasure, freedom and fulfilment of people like me,

my existence is resistance.

The processes I initiate are representations of this universe. The experiences of people who exist outside the margin – indigenous, femme, black, brown, queer, disabled, low-income, working-class, rural, other – are at the forefront. They are celebrated, documented, and defended. As such, this universe is inherently political. It is dangerous.